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If you feel alone in your struggle, wondering what’s gone wrong, feeling frustrated, missing confidence and worried you’ll never be happy or fulfilled – it’s time to write a new story for your love life.

While there is more information than ever to make a lasting positive change, getting from point A to B has never been more uncertain.

If you’re craving more and have tried many things but you’re not getting the results you want, you need a clear understanding of the big-picture and a holistic approach of body, mind, heart and spirit. Only addressing one part can lead to disaster.

You need a plan, guidance and a personalized daily practice – otherwise you run the risk of wasting your time, energy and money on getting nowhere fast.

Hiring me as your guide will help you feel safe to explore and create a romantic trifecta of love, intimacy and sex. With my guidance, you’ll discover ways to be your happiest self, be free from past hurts, connect with ease and have great sex again – or better than ever before!

What you can expect:

Feel heard and understood as I listen with compassion and use my expertise, creativity and intuition to guide and support you.

Mutual honesty and respect. These non-negotiables will ensure the best experience and provide safety as you move out of your comfort zone.

Appreciation for who you are without blame or judgment. Success and lasting results happen when you are free to be yourself.

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Receive undivided attention to your unique needs as you dive below the surface and creatively transform your love life – long term. If you’re ready to leave the past behind you want an expert to support you when you need help. Start Here!

Group Coaching

Get one-on-one focused attention to your most challenging problems along with support from a community of others going through similar troubles. The best of me plus the benefit of new friends, learning and growing together. Start Here!

Online Programs

Work at your own pace and learn a wide range of ideas, skills and tools to help you craft the love life of your dreams. Each program includes handouts, video teaching and exercises (private sessions can be added for extra support)

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Creating peaceful, meaningful connection with respect

Create peaceful connection.

It’s difficult to be fulfilled in the bedroom when there’s conflict or distance in the living room. Secure connection and respectful communication are a part of every great relationship.

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