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Relationships with sex problems are more common than you think. And knowing that most couples are in the same boat from time to time maybe you’re thinking, “Why bother?” Why bother staying in a relationship? Why bother having sex when it just causes problems? Because…

Sex helps keep relationships alive, youthful and thriving!

When working with clients, I talk about passion and pleasure as qualities they can have in their relationship – long term! Sex is better when your relationship is sexy! Really!

Passion at the beginning of a relationship is filled with lust and every little nuance of our partner draws us in. Once we’re drawn in then sex, passion and pleasure is a heady bonding experience that helps keep us together.

Too often people have sex problems because they’ve been conditioned to anticipate that desire wanes over time. They expect to have less sex and they let passion and pleasure take a back seat to companionable friendship. Or worse, they start to drift apart.

Sex in a long-term relationship is about more than just satisfying immediate physical urges. In fact deep intimacy, closeness and satisfying, fulfilling sex fuel each other. Deep intimacy and closeness creates great sex, and great sex creates deeper intimacy and closeness. Go figure!

Emotionally secure couples feel safe and free to explore and enjoy their sexuality throughout their relationship.

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Ideally a long-term relationship is safe place to co-create an experience where each of you can freely express your authentic sexuality – playful, fun, tender, kinky – whatever that looks like individually and as a couple at that particular time, to feel closer and deepen your bond. And that my friend is eroticism on steroids.

The quality of your sex life is a barometer for the quality of your love life. Sex problems suck – and not in a good way. Get the support you need to deepen your intimacy, get closer and enjoy great sex again – or for the first time.

Live a happy, sexy life!

Dr. Gayle Friend

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