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In your primary relationships, in your romantic relationship, the deeper the emotional connection, the more fulfilled you are. It’s a fact of our human existence, but there’s a problem.

We are suffering from an overwhelming lack of fulfillment in our lives, our relationships, our work and ourselves. Our society values achievement over emotions. We’re taught to strive and we’re conditioned to believe that a good relationship requires tolerance and that a great sex life will inevitably fade over time.

But simply tolerating leads to resentments, and (medical conditions aside)…

There’s no reason on earth that your sex life can’t be amazing well into your golden years.

Unfortunately, a lifetime of negative conditioning and messages, coupled with a desire for more or better, but not knowing where to start – leads to overwhelm. Overwhelm and tension and sorrow and worry and frustration.

Far too many people feel like they’re broken or they feel like their partner is broken and needs fixing. I’ve seen it all too many times. But the reality is neither one of you is broken. You’re both hurting.

You don’t need fixing, you’re not broken, you’re hurting. Click To Tweet

More money, a new lover, a bigger this or that, more sex, a new goldfish, substances, food and on and on and on – those things are not going to make you feel whole. They’re temporary highs. And they’re not where you’ll find lasting fulfillment.

That missing piece, that longing you feel deep inside, is for emotional connection. Feel good, loving connection with another. Neither one of you is broken, you just need to know how to break your overwhelm down into bite size pieces. Once you know how to connect in a new way, things will turn around moment by moment.

That missing piece, that longing you feel deep inside, is for emotional connection. Click To Tweet

There’s a line in a song by the Tragically Hip: “I saw the constellations reveal themselves one star at a time.” That’s exactly how transformation happens. One small glimmer at a time until it reaches its collective magnificence.

If you feel like you’re broken, you’re not. You’re hurting because the emotional connection you long for is missing in some way.

I help couples find true fulfillment with each other, one star at a time. I don’t have a magic wand but I’ve seen amazing transformations happen. If you truly want to know how to ‘fix’ your relationship, together we can make it happen. Be nice to yourself and leave the word ‘fix’ out of it.


Dr. Gayle Friend

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