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A friend of mine posted her thoughts about life on facebook with the title: This Life Is Not a Test! It resonated with me and while reading I kept saying ‘right on!’. this girl has it down and with her full permission I’m sharing it here in its entirety, exactly as she wrote it. Thank you Hayley Anderson for your thoughts and your permission to share the following…

This Life is NOT a Test!

It’s an experience. Something we can learn through.

I was raised being told that we are here to be “tested”.

I’m calling Bull!

Let’s look at what we know about tests and our existence here and compare:

Tests have a certain number of questions. Our lives don’t. The number of things we learn vary for each of us.

Tests have the same questions for each student. Each of us are given different questions and different things to learn.

Tests have a right or wrong answer. Our lives don’t. Something could be working for one person and not work for someone else.

Tests are usually timed and every student gets the same amount of allotted time. Our lives aren’t! We don”t know how much time we have here. And some are here longer than others.

Tests are final. You get a score and you either passed or failed. Our lives are not! We get second chances or 3 or 20. We get to learn from the last experience and choose differently the next time. The answer that worked last time might not work this time.

Tests are at the end of a lesson after you have studied to see if we are ready for the next lesson. Our lives don’t go from chapter to chapter. I’m still learning from experiences I had 20 years ago. We weren’t given a study guide or syllabus. We have an experience and either learn for it or we don’t. Simple as that. And if we are meant to learn it then we will have other opportunities to do so.

And final thought; tests are not usually fun! Our lives are fun! Even when we are learning and experiencing new things – it’s fun. It’s fun to fail and fun to learn and fun to succeed.


I love Hayley’s words. I grew up with the same message closely followed by ‘God doesn’t give you more than you can handle’.

There’s no doubt we have lessons to learn in this life and we all have our struggles. But we choose our own perspective. If you look closely and see everything as clearly as you see the burdens, you’ll soon discover the sparkling gems among the jagged rocks.

This life is not a test! It’s a ride: an unpredictable, sometimes scary, sexy, fun ride!

Live a Happy, Sexy Life!

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