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I’ve seen a plethora of business advice suggesting one of two things: Pivot to stay in business or soldier on – business as usual. As well-meaning as they are, there’s hidden danger. Your relationships and business are important but they are also stressed so here’s something important to consider.

Cognition and concentration always take a back seat to our primal fear response.

We are biologically hardwired to seek safety. In times of increased stress our built-in primal radar is on high alert, scanning the environment for signs of danger.

We need this! The problem is, our radar mechanism is designed for short term threat. Currently, it’s in overdrive. A virus is threatening our loved ones, our businesses, and our local and global communities – not to mention our sanity.

With our primal radar in overdrive, our cognitive decision making ability is compromised. Overwhelm intensifies, worries are at a peak and emotions vacillate unpredictably.

Expecting yourself or anyone around you to be able to function or work to their usual capacity only adds undue stress. The effects of overloading our nervous systems can easily result in PTSD. My training and experience in trauma and stress release allows me to make this claim.

As counter-intuitive as it may be, this is a time to slow down.

Does your business still need your attention? Yes. But you need your own loving attention too – holistically – body, mind, heart & spirit.

It is highly important to tend to your nervous system first. Routine is good – allow yourself to work but give yourself permission to throw old routine out the window and rest. You’ll bounce back faster when we’re safe from threat.

Use this time to reframe and refocus. Reframe loss of control into opportunity to refocus on what matters most.

First and foremost, the relationship you have with yourself. Stress causes you to lose touch with your true self. It blocks happiness, clarity and creativity.

Second – the relationships you have with others – your inner circle and business circle. When stress is maxed it diminishes partnership, compassion and harmony.

Slow down. It’s okay. You need this. If this feels like a tall order, it’s a signal you need it more than you realize. Reach out I’m here to help.

Let go of business as usual for now. It doesn’t exist anyway.