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We struggle with schedules, obligations, worries, fears – all sorts of things that lead to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted. And we tell ourselves that it’s reality.

In the name of simplification this is a short and concise read. Why complicate it if it doesn’t need to be?

I’m like the clients I work with. I get lost in overwhelm and exhaustion from time to time. Being well versed in a topic doesn’t release a person from the label ‘human’.

I was going through a particularly difficult time and my husband asked what we could do to simplify life. I answered him with the same advice I was giving myself.

Simplifying starts by knowing ourselves intimately. One of the reasons we struggle is because we don’t realize our minds are racing. We get so used to our thoughts free wheeling that we’re oblivious to how we’ve become victim to them. One thought leads to another and pretty soon we’ve complicated things because we’re analyzing every detail or worrying about every possibility.

Love is a pure emotion. Love is simple. But your mind is a pro of complicating things.

The first step out of this insipid cycle is to be aware of your thoughts. When you pay attention to your thoughts you become intimately aware of your patterns and how they’re making life either easier or harder for you.

The next step is to be curious about what you can shift your thoughts to that make you feel good, relaxed and connected. Think compassionate, gentle or fun.

Even though it’s not always easy, when I catch myself in a whirlwind of ‘gotta do’ thoughts, I consciously return to thoughts of self-compassion and reminded myself of everything I have done instead of what’s left to do. I focused on gentle thoughts of appreciations. And I turned to fun thoughts of playful times.

With awareness and simplifying your thoughts life feels easier and you open your heart to more love. It’s difficult to truly love when you’re burdened by your complicated mind.

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Simplify your thoughts and you’ll simplify love.


Dr. Gayle Friend

p.s. Complications in love make it difficult to connect intimately in and out of the bedroom. Helping clients simplify is part of how I successfully help them to increase passion, pleasure and confidence. Learn more about me here.