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A program focused on creating peaceful,

meaningful connection with respect

At the heart of every healthy relationship and at the core of every human connection is emotionally focused communication – through words, touch and actions. Without common ground, assumptions run high, relationship problems grow, and nobody wins.

The Say It With Love program provides a foundation from which strong, blissful relationships can grow. It’ll guide you and your partner through careful, thoughtful teaching and exercises – how to show up and connect without holding back, hurting, or misunderstanding. The trick: You have to be open – wide open. Don’t worry, I’ll help.

You’ll learn how to shift your patterns, appreciate your differences, listen beyond the surface words, and connect more truly, deeply, and freely. 

Feel heard, understood, and appreciated. Be you without apology and trust that your partner “gets” you. In fact, that you “get” each other. Feel secure in each others hearts

Communicate with intention. Speak up without fear. Give a little ear-space to the one you love. Learn how to open up, be real, and do away with assumptions.

Be on the same page – for real! Part the clouds and see your challenges clearly. Then break free from your old story and begin to write a new happy, sexy story together.

Come together naturally. Be a team, a solid pair, two well-suited peas in one sweet pod. Find each others rhythm and move to it all day and night!

Talk about the tough stuff. Learn to be vulnerable and to be brave. Feel safe enough to share your thoughts and feelings with respect, and then experience sweet relief.

Ready to Say It With Love!

If you have questions, connect with me or visit my FAQ page for more information.