Relationship Reboot

For Individuals and Couples

Be your happiest true self in love & life!

Turn unhealthy relationship patterns around.

Break free from past hurts and traumas.

Connect intimately with ease.

Be happy again in life and love.

Create the love life you want.

If you relate to any of the following this is for you!

(single or partnered)

Miss how you used to feel, wondering if you’ll ever be happy again?

Tired of the same relationship patterns happening over and over?

Want intimacy and connection but fear being hurt?

Willing to let go of what’s happened in the past?

Ready to step toward the love life you want?

Here’s how it will work

I will walk you through each step virtually so you can do the work at your convenience.

Each Saturday in February I’ll share a video explaining the steps. My husband Darrell will be joining me to share his perspective and experience! Exciting!!!

We start Feb 1st. There are 5 steps, and this being a leap year there are 5 Saturdays. How perfect!

I’ll be available each week to answer any questions via email. Monday – Friday.

This is a beta group so I’ll be asking for your feedback at the end of the process.

Create a Happy Love Life!


See for yourself why clients worldwide have benefited from Dr. Gayle Friend’s unique process.

This is the first time ever the Relationship Reboot process is being offered.

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase happiness and peace and save money at the same time! The savings are applicable to this beta group only!

Reduce Stress. Live Happy. Make Love Great.


Relationship Reboot Virtual Retreat


Starts February 1st

SAVE $100


$197 Beta group only $97 USD

Side effects may include, but are not guaranteed or restricted to:
Abundant love, peace, joy, pleasure, passion and bliss!


Frequently Asked Questions 

How is this for singles if it’s about relationships?

When I work with couples most sessions are separate to work through their individual hurts and blocks. Do this process on your own to reconnect with your true self and pave the way for a happy future love life.

What if my partner doesn’t want to do this?

Your primary relationship is with yourself! Heal your past and be your happiest self for you! Everyone moves at their own pace – let your partner go at theirs. It only takes one to change the dynamics of the relationship.

What if I can't make it one week?

You have lifetime access to the videos and handouts. Feel free to go through the steps at your own pace! You can’t rush great love!

Can I get ongoing support?

YES! Email me your questions and I’ll answer them as promptly as possible Mon – Fri. You’ll also be included in the private Make Love Great facebook group (if you choose) where you can post questions, join in conversations, and participate in live calls that will start approx mid March!


About Dr. Gayle

Dr. Gayle Friend is an intimacy expert, coach, author and speaker specializing in helping people with relationship stress to end the misery, not their marriage, and be their happiest selves – in and out of the bedroom.

Once on the brink of a second divorce, Gayle developed a process that turned her, and her marriage, completely around. She is highly successful in helping her clients replicate this in their own relationships and create a happy love life.