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No matter what you’re going through, remembering to hold love in your heart is what will get you to a place of calm resolution.

Emotions are called feelings for a reason – we literally feel them in our bodies, and if we chronically sustain a depleting emotion like anger, worry or fear, it causes our bodies a lot of stress.

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Whether it’s a relationship crisis or a national crisis, the energy of the emotion you are experiencing – sadness, anger, joy, love – affects you, and has an effect on those around you and the world at large.

There is always going to be conflict. In a relationship, conflict doesn’t necessarily mean anger and arguing – but it can. Giving each other the cold shoulder produces conflict. Worry, frustrations, resentments, fear, doubt, guilt, shame, judgments and a whole host of other things produce conflict – in our relationships and in society.

Collectively we are craving love right now – globally and in our own hearts. Even though there’s a lot of anger, fear and sadness in the posts I’ve been seeing lately, the message of love is getting some serious traction.

This is the post I made recently that went viral.

When your partner, neighbor or friend does or says something that makes them seem unlovable, they’re doing what they’re doing based on what’s going on for them. They’re acting based on the hurts and pain they carry inside. This is when they need our love the most.

This is true in relationships and out in the world as well. There have been troubled times throughout history. Relationships go through troubled times. But here’s the thing – anger and fear lead to increased conflict in relationships and war between nations.

But it’s important to remember that none of our emotions are bad. Emotions are natural responses. Every emotion you experience is there to shine a light on something inside of you.

They shine a light on what you care about deeply. If you feel angry or sad about something use that emotion as an indicator of possible action to take. Do you need to have a conversation with your partner about boundaries? Do you need to be a voice for those suffering injustices? Let your emotion prompt you into whatever action feels right to you. Standing up for what you believe in is an act of self-love.

But here’s the thing – don’t take anger into the conversation or demonstration. Here’s why – the more you focus on the problem and the anger the more you are affecting yourself and others adversely.

Instead of fueling anger – fuel peace by focusing on love while you demonstrate or while you have that conversation about boundaries with your partner.

Anger and fear beget anger and fear. Love is the path to peace.


Dr. Gayle Friend

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