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Relationships: sometimes they can be great and sometimes, not so much. And regardless of how things are you still have to earn money to pay for all the necessities and hopefully/maybe have some to spend on fun while saving for retirement. Most people I meet want more or better love and sex and money but finding the energy and time to achieve all three may seem like an impossibility. But what if that’s not the case?

I was asked an interesting question in an interview “How can those who are career oriented shift their mindset to spend more time nurturing their relationships without feeling guilty about lost work time?”

My answer: “Would you consider it lost work time if the result of nurturing your love life meant increased productivity, creativity and profits?”

Because by having a great relationship with your partner and your own sexuality, you can make more money. I’m not trying to sell you snake oil here – this is proven.

Napoleon Hill wrote and iconic book called “Think and Grow Rich” which was the result of his 25 years researching the habits of 500 of the wealthiest and most successful men of all time and what they had in common. By the way, these men were not born into wealth – these were men who started with virtually nothing.

The 2nd longest chapter in the entire book is titled “The Mystery of Sex: Transmutation” and its 2nd only to the very practical chapter on organized planning in which he also refers to sex and relationships.

In a nut shell, if you want more money, nurture your relationship!

When you have increased intimacy, deeper love, authentic sexuality and better sex, you have a solid base from which to draw from.

Instead of having relationship concerns lurking in the back of your mind, occupying your thoughts and squelching your radiance and joy – you’ll have increased vitality and creativity.

“Love is without question, life’s greatest experience. The emotions of love, sex and romance, are sides of the eternal triangle of achievement.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Study after study over the years reveal that people (generally speaking) with a positive healthy relationship with their partner and with their own sexuality:

• Earn more
• Are more productive and creative
• Interact better with colleagues/bosses/employees
• Achieve greater business success
• Are physically healthier

Love is important. Intimacy is important. Sex is important.

If there are concerns in one or more areas it creates disconnection, longing and a certain degree of unhappiness in your relationship. When all three are present and fulfilled the relationship is robust and you and your partner are radiant, thriving, happy and sexy. If you want more of this – and you know you do – connect with me.

Napoleon Hill’s was the first extensive study that I know of, that linked sex, love and intimacy with increased achievement, success and wealth. And today, his book is still recommended reading for those in business.

So when it comes to sex, love and money: If you want more or better, take the time to nurture your relationship and get educated about how and what you can do – there will be no lost time as a result.

Live a happy, sexy life!

Dr. Gayle Friend

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