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Life wouldn’t exist without sex. Literally. And a life with low sexual desire is a life of surviving when what you want is to feel alive and thriving. Desire is part of feeling alive and we need to know what makes us feel alive in many areas of life so we can draw from those experiences and bring that energy and excitement into the bedroom.

Great sex means something different to everyone but in a long-term relationship it’s rooted in desire coupled with intimate connection.

My work involves growing both intimate connection and desire. Couples who feel close and secure have better sex because they feel safe to explore sexually together. Once they feel secure they become more confident and comfortable talking about their sex life and sexuality with one another. I’ve seen people with low sexual desire turn things around into an erotic adventure.

Being able to safely talk about sex and sexuality paves the way for exploring a variety of sexual activities that increase the intensity and edginess of your experience. Whatever that looks like for you.

Imagine if all you and your partner ate was predictable, familiar meatloaf. It would get boring. Especially if there was no spice and nothing else to accompany it on the plate. No appetizer to whet your pallet. No libations to celebrate with. And no sexy desert to follow.

Imagine if you didn’t have the confidence or know how to talk to your partner about how you felt. What if all you did was argue about what was lacking? And the arguing led to more misunderstandings and disconnection.

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When you work on your intimate connection body, mind, heart and spirit your relationship opens and grows to a whole new level. You learn how to tune into and be there for each other. Instead of a battle, talking about sex becomes an erotic connection leading to newness and imaginative playfulness between the sheets. Sensuality is heightened because you rediscovered your desire and now have a buffet of delights to choose from.

With safety and connection sex becomes a robust turn on of giving and receiving, taking control and surrender. Low sexual desire turns around and you become better lovers together.

Live a happy, sexy life!

Dr. Gayle Friend

p.s. To taco bout sex and low desire with me, and more importantly where to start to turn things around, click here.