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Have you ever been thrown off your game and not known what to do? Things are going great, your emotions are high, you feel in sync with life, you feel like nothing negative can touch you, and then something happens. Something that takes you by surprise and instead of being in your authentic vibe, your mind starts racing and seems to take you hostage. You’ve got a monkey on your back that won’t let go.

I don’t get taken out of my game very often these days. Since my own personal healing and spiritual growth, I now have a life I love – but that wasn’t always the case. I used to live with two monkeys on my back, their names were depression and anger.

Depression kept me in the pain of my old hurts. Anger thought its role was to protect me. What they did was keep me from enjoying life and knowing real love.

I had to do the work to discover what my blocks to love were and how to release them, so I could truly own my authentic self, and say with conviction, that I love myself and my life.

The best time, energy and financial investment I’ve ever made, was to get the monkeys off my back and ditch my baggage, so I could get my game on!

But I’m not impervious. The truth is, I get thrown off my game in small ways just like everyone else. Life will always provide challenges as opportunities to grow. But usually I can empower myself to be present, shift gears and get back on my game quickly and easily. Usually!

Recently I shared a funny meme on social media that said, “Thou shall not let low-vibin’ sketchy-ass energy penetrate thy aura!”

Then, I kid you not, within a few hours a low-vibin’ sketchy-ass energy penetrated, and I was knocked completely off my game. It came in the form of an old baggage that hit hard. The monkey of hurt was back – again! It held me in its grip for the better part of 12 hours, affecting me and those around me, before I was able to start the process of releasing.

Clearly, I had more healing and forgiving to do around this situation, to let go of it once and for all. And that’s what I turned my focus to.

Until you truly let go of old baggage it will continue to present itself as another opportunity to do the work so you can move on. And you can’t truly let go until you genuinely forgive anyone and anything involved – including yourself, and step into your authenticity with confidence!

We weren’t created to carry monkeys around all day, every day. We are meant to thrive, be on our game and excel in life!

Another layer of my deep old hurt presented itself for me to work through, and I’m totally okay with that. I know the freedom, peace and joy I find when I forgive, let go and shift back to my true authentic self.

When you are fully on your game, feeling empowered and joyful, that’s you aligned with your higher self which is your true authentic self.

A member of the Make Love Great group posted a meme that said: And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

The best part of this quote is that it doesn’t just happen when you meet a new partner. After you work through whatever is disharmonious in your relationship, you can feel this way with your long-term partner. And even better – when you become completely connected to your authentic self – body, mind, heart & spirit – you’ll feel this way about yourself as well.

  1. Know your blocks to love. Be willing to look at yourself with curiosity and honestly own your own patterns of thought, words and actions that haven’t provided you with a life or love life you love.
  2. Know how to release them. Work with a third party who is familiar with monkey attacks, will help you get them off your back, and can teach you how to empower yourself to get your game on.
  3. Know love. Then let the love flow and the love fest begin.

I sought out the help I needed, changed my life and in the process my work changed. I don’t just help my clients with their sex lives – I teach them how to make one small change at a time and transform their entire lives. Everyone needs the support of others and no one is the exception.

I’m now totally and completely in love with my life and I’ve got my game on (most days). Not because of anything in particular. Not because of where I live, or what I own, or how things are going, or who I hang with, or what experiences I’ve had. And not because my life is free of challenges, bumps and bruises – it’s not.

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I’m in love with my life because every crap thing that happens feels awful for a time but then it becomes the launch pad for me to grow and love life even more.

I’m in love with my life because I know I am an emotional being and I empower myself to be present and to focus on what I want to feel.

I’m in love with my life because I’ve worked to ditch my baggage and my monkeys, grow spiritually, and claimed ease, peace and fun.

I’m in love with my life because I choose to own and embrace it – every single part of it.

I’m in love with my life because I’ve learned to totally love and accept my true authentic self. And because I’ve learned to forgive my own mistakes and continue to love and accept myself.

I’m in love with my life because I grow from the monkey bullshit and thrive in the ‘game on’ good shit. And that’s how you make love great!


Dr. Gayle Friend

p.s. Want to feel this way in life and love? I have several options for you – drop me a line and together let’s get your game on!