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     A program for those wanting true fulfillment!

(without relationship therapy) 

     The majority of relationship problems and sex problems are due to a lack of intimacy.

You can change that!

All that romantic hooey – you know, two hearts beating as one, satiated in every way, that kind of stuff – it’s not a pipe dream. It’s actually very possible. Intimacy on that level however takes commitment, openness and learning a different approach. (One where there’s no blame and no one will try to change you)

This program helps people who aren’t as close or open as they wish, and want to learn how to love each other better, to find that tender, gentle, connected, sweet spot again (or for the first time). It’s there and I’m here to support you in making it happen.

You’ll learn that intimacy isn’t just a physical closeness, but is a culmination of body, mind, heart and spirit – a higher showcase of love that stems from connecting in meaningful ways. 

Be close, secure and at ease. Become emotionally focused. Replace tension with tenderness and instead of missing each other feel a true sense of belonging and bliss.

Feel appreciated and desired. See the look of deep love and adoration in each others eyes. Feel alive and free knowing your partner sees you and wants you – the real you.

Experience joy and fulfillment. Let joy rise to the surface. Relax, breathe, and feel grounded and nurtured. Find yourself drawn to your partner with an open heart.

Reignite the spark. Light it up! Play, smile, laugh and reconnect with what you love about one another. Flirt and fan each others flames better than ever.

Have fun and feel confident. Engage in a process of self-discovery and reflection, connect with your needs and get back to simple fun and genuine happiness.

It’s time to

Get Close & Intimate!

If you have questions, connect with me or visit my FAQ page for more information.