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Have you ever heard it said that confidence is sexy? I believe it is but there’s a whole lotta something else in play that makes confidence ooze sexiness. In fact, there’s only one true formula for feeling and being sexy.

I was out for lunch the other day and doing the people watching thing. There was a couple sitting within earshot of us. They were both physically beautiful by typical North American standards (don’t get me started). They looked confident, appeared very self-assured and seemed to be having a pleasant time. But something was missing.

They were missing that certain something the French call ‘je ne sais quoi’ – translated as an ‘indefinable quality’. Except it is definable:

That ‘certain something’ all truly sexy people have is called radiance.

The couple I observed had very little if any spark. Now to be fair, I don’t know them or what might have been going on that dimmed their spark, but I didn’t detect any sexiness beyond their physicality.

Radiance is not something you can fake because it comes from within. In spite of what the multi-billion dollar beauty industry would have you believe, you can’t buy radiance from the cosmetics counter.

Radiance originates from being in tune with the truth of who you are, stripped of old beliefs and paradigms. You know you’re radiant when you feel vitality vibrating inside.

That vitality comes from living authentically – present in the moment with clarity, self-love, peace, and joy – when you feel alive & free.

When I ask my couple clients when they are most attracted to their partner, the answer I get is the same across the board. It’s always a version of ‘’When they feel alive/ have spark/ are playful’. In other words – when they are radiant.

So how do you ooze divine radiance? In the same way I help my clients to move beyond the misconceptions and outdated conditioning that holds them captive, struggling in relationships and in their sex lives…

You empower yourself to confidently challenge the beliefs that hold you back and keep you small. You empower yourself to do more of what makes you feel good. You empower yourself to tune into your authentic spirit so your radiant light shines bright.

You empower yourself to make a new choice about how you show up in your relationship. You empower yourself to be more loving, present, kind and compassionate. You empower yourself to appreciate each other. You empower yourself to believe in yourself. You empower yourself to take care of you – inside and out.

You empower yourself to make a decision to love and appreciate everything about the true you. Fulfilled from the inside. That’s radiance. That’s sexy cool. Its confidence leveled up!

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This is the only true formula for feeling and being sexy. That’s you baby. It’s how you ooze sexy. And it’s how you make love great.


Dr. Gayle Friend

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