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Who are your clients?

Successful Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to break the cycle of relationship frustration and disappointments and are eager for practical, and spiritual, tools and practices to be as successful in their love life as they are in their careers.

They tend to feel like one or more of the following:

Miss how they used to feel, wondering if they’ll ever be happy in a relationship.
Going through the motions but crave fulfillment, freedom and fun.
Tired of worn out patterns happening over and over and over.
Afraid their sex life will never be playful or passionate.
Don’t want to risk being hurt like they were in the past.

What about client comfort and privacy?

Your comfort and safety are my utmost concern. Sessions are held over zoom with a private link unique to you. I assure confidentiality to the best of my ability—session notes are written with only the clients first name and last initial and no electronic copies are kept.

How long does this work take?

Your work with me will last anywhere from 3 – 10 months depending on your unique needs and desires.

What if my partner is resistant?

No worries! I often work with only one partner. When you do this work and connect with your true self, the changes you make will change the dynamic of your relationship.

I’m single. How will this work benefit me?

The unique process I have developed is designed for individuals and couples. You’re at a great advantage to let go of what’s held you back and be in a terrific place to attract a partner who’s ready for a happy healthy relationship. (If that’s what you desire)

I’m not cis-gender. Will I benefit from this work?

LGBTQ welcome! This work is for everyone who wants to be their best self and make love great. Let me know how you identify and prefer to be addressed then consider it done.

What is sexology?

Sexology is the study of what people do sexually, how they think and feel about it and how it affects them and their relationships. The study of sexology includes psychology, sociology, biology, anatomy, physiology and history. I believe a dynamic holistic approach is necessary for long-term results which is why I work with clients on their connection to themselves and their partners – body, mind, heart and spirit.