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What is sexology?

Sexology is the study of what people do sexually, how they think and feel about it and how it affects them and their relationships. The study of sexology includes, psychology, sociology, biology, anatomy, physiology and history. I take a holistic approach with clients and in my programs. Body. Mind. Heart. Spirit.

Who are your clients?

Open-minded, loving people who value relationships and are ready to make changes so they feel more connected and have amazing sex.

They tend to:

  • Long to feel sexy, desired and more confident.
  • Crave to have joy and fun back in their relationship.
  • Want communication to be easy and sex to be hot.
  • Yearn to be heard, understood and appreciated.
  • Dream of feeling fulfilled and free with each other.
Who are your programs for?

People who are ready to honestly look at themselves and their relational patterns and are committed to doing the work to change the course of their relationship.

They tend to feel like:

  • They’re stuck and just going through the motions.
  • Their love life has become too serious, tense or frustrating.
  • They can’t communicate the way they used to or want to.
  • They’re drifting apart and worry about the future.
  • They’re missing the flirtatiousness and emotional connection they crave.
  • They don’t feel passionate and sexually fulfilled they way they desire.
What if my partner doesn’t want to, or isn’t ready to take your program?

No worries! Even if only one of you participates, the changes made will change the dynamic of the relationship. Focus on you and how to shift your relationship patterns and bring your best forward. And best of all, when your partner is ready you’ll both have all the materials at your fingertips and private session packages are always available to add on.

What if I’m single?

No worries! My programs are designed to benefit individuals and couples. The exercises are adaptable and you can use the programs to look at past relationships, and patterns so you’ll be certain not to repeat them in the future. When your relationship status changes you’ll still have all the materials available to take the program together. Extra private session packages are always available to add on.

What If I’m not in a hetero relationship?

LGBTQ welcome! These programs are designed to help people. I do my best to use they/their over him/her but there will be some hetero-normative language. The desire and need for connection is not gender or orientation specific. There may be sections that don’t relate to your exact situation. But if you have anyone in your life, especially children who identify differently than you, there’s valuable information to help you understand them at a deeper level.

How do we explain to our kids or friends that we’re taking a relationship program?

Honestly. There’s no shame in upping your game. Tell them you found a way to make your relationship both exciting and peaceful, and you’re taking advantage of it! Your friends will want in on it – and your kids… think of how they’ll benefit having you model a fun, happy and healthy relationship. And you’ll discover easier ways to talk to them about sex and relationships. This is the stuff they didn’t teach in sex ed.

How do I justify the investment?

This is an investment in education to better your life, well-being and future. In our society we tend to value investing in homes, renovations, entertainment and vacations; all great things but have any of them improved your love life or sex life – long term?

It’s a much happier and sexier investment than the painful cost of divorce.

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