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Too often we live superficially instead of wholly and in doing so we diminish our capacity to live fully. We miss out on the delights of erotic sexuality, blissful sensuality and deep intimacy.

In the busyness of our lives we tend to live from the neck up and ignore the wisdom of our bodies. It’s impossible to be whole and authentic if we tune out our inner voice, which we are apt to do so well. But you can enhance your life and enhance your sexuality by listening to the wisdom of your body.

When you take the time to be still in your body and your mind, you’re more receptive to what your wondrous body is telling you and you can hear your inner voice.

Your mind is powerful and it’s easy to believe it knows all, but don’t believe every thing you think. Your mind is full of social and family messages that can sidetrack you from your authenticity in every aspect, including your sexuality. Think of your mind as the wizard behind the curtain telling you what to do when the answers to your authentic truths were within you all along.

All too often we ignore our truth due to fear because we’re incessantly focused on what we should or shouldn’t be, do, desire, or aspire to. We’re looking outward instead of looking within.

Deep inside, your authenticity and your true erotic desires are speaking to you. Your inner voice, which resides in every cell of your being, is waiting to be heard. It’s not demanding or loud but it is persistent and it speaks the truth.

Paying attention to your inner voice can be scary because if you choose to hear the messages it may mean the possibility of change. But isn’t change toward living a life fully and authentically better than one lived in sorrow or frustration? Listening to the wisdom of your body will help you to enhance your sexuality by shifting your perception a little at a time.

When I’m not crystal clear of what’s right for me I let my body do my ‘thinking’ for me. I lie on my back in silence and let my mind play with whatever is going on for me. While my mind tries to race around I consciously slow it down to one thought at a time and I pay close attention to my body. If I feel tightness, discomfort or agitation then I know that what I’m thinking isn’t true for me. If I feel relaxed, solid and peaceful, then I know I’m on the right path. And one thought at a time I realize what’s authentic for me.

I don’t often use the word ‘should’ but in this case I will. This practice of listening to the wisdom of your body should be applied to everything sexual. Your body is much, much wiser than your mind. Trust your body and go with what feels right, so long as it’s with integrity and consensual.

Even the smallest shift toward authenticity will have a positive effect on your life. My personal benefits have been increased happiness, erotic sexuality, blissful sensuality and deep intimacy. Be intentional about being authentic in all areas and enhance your sexuality by listening to the wisdom of your body. And…..

Live a Happy, Sexy Life!