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Physical intimacy can be sex but not always. A hug can be considered physically intimate although not usually thought of as sexual.

But sex of any description is physical. Even when you’re miles apart having phone or online sex, physical desire, arousal and possibly orgasm can occur.

Your erotic mind is what transports physical intimacy to erotic intimacy by combining an act with thoughts. Then add in the emotional intimacy of heart centered feelings – and wow!

“By itself, sex can be little more than a collection of urges and acts. But the erotic is intricately connected with our hopes, expectations, struggles, and anxieties – everything that makes us human.” ~Jack Morin Ph.D.

On its own the act of sex feels good physically.

Add in erotic intimacy and sex is carried to the heights of great and hot. But it can be even more!

Pure ecstasy transpires when erotic and emotional intimacy unite.

Sages call it transcendent.

Erotic intimacy comes from having an inner knowing of yourself, what arouses you and why, and bringing that to your sexual play.

Emotional intimacy is about being in relationship, knowing the inner world of your partner and sharing your inner world with them. You can live parallel lives and have a relationship but not necessarily be emotionally intimate.

Both erotic and emotional intimacy require courage and curiosity. It takes courage to look within and explore your erotic mind for clues about what makes up your authentic sexuality. It also takes courage to look within and explore your emotional spirit and heart and have a clear picture of your emotional landscape. Be curious about yourself and be curious about your partner.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ~ Winston Churchill. This applies when listening to your own body, mind, spirit and heart, and it applies when listening to your partner so you really understand their inner world.

When you are erotically intimate you are being authentic in your sexuality. When you are emotionally intimate you are being authentic as a person. And ecstasy transpires when erotic and emotional intimacy unite.

Knowing yourself and your partner at this deep level, then sharing your bodies with loving intensity, is erotic, passionate and blissful. You come together in such a way that you feel both securely grounded and connected to the divine simultaneously. It’s both ecstasy and transcendence combined.

Live a Happy, Sexy Life!

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