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Let’s just say it. Loneliness sucks! Whether you’re single or having relationship problems, feeling lonely hurts.

It hurts because we are designed to connect in a deep and meaningful way. Separateness is really uncomfortable because it’s not natural for us. We crave connection.

The good news is you can turn loneliness around and connect!

When we feel lonely we often have a tendency to look to another person to fill the void. We want our partner, or we want to meet a potential partner, to fill that space so we feel connected and complete.

But that’s actually a backward route to feeling good and being intimately connected.


When I work with clients the first thing we do is start to work through their limiting beliefs so they reconnect with their authentic self and find joy. It’s from that higher vibration where you’ll be able to attract a great partner. It’s from that higher vibration that your relationship will start to shift. And in a relationship – as soon as one person starts to shift, the dynamic of the entire relationship begins to change.

Deep love begins with self-love. Click To Tweet

Filling your own void with self-love takes desperation out of the equation and creates space for more love to flow.

Start with a gratitude journal. Keep a journal of all the people in your life who help you to not feel lonely. Acknowledge everyone from your friends to the checker at the grocery store who always has a smile for you.

Create a list of positive affirmations for how you want to feel about yourself and what you deeply desire in love, intimacy and sex.

Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate out loud every positive little thing about YOU. Start with just one thing and admire that part of you fully. Then another and another.

Join the Facebook group Make Love Great. It’s a community of people dedicated to creating joyful, fulfilling relationships with a harmonic balance of love, intimacy and sex. A place where you can learn, feel supported and know you’re not alone in what you’re feeling or desiring.

Loneliness is just plain hard. Alone or in a relationship – you can shift the trajectory and feel joyful. I know because I’ve been through the loneliest of lonelies and came out the other side.


Dr. Gayle Friend

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