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There’s no doubt about it. Connected sex is hot sex! It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met or if you’ve been together for years, when you feel emotionally close, sex is fantastic.  Even if it’s a one night stand, the sexual enjoyment you experience is usually higher if you’re invested on more than just a physical level. If you’re excited by each other – excitement is the emotion you’re connected by.

When you begin a new relationship you are emotionally close in romance and all the juicy, yummy, feel good emotions that go with it.

But what if you’re not connected? Chances are the sexual activity you engage in will feel somewhat lifeless and flat. Mediocre sex is mechanical sex or going through the motions sex. Where as connected sex is hot sex!

Here’s a link to an blog outlining one woman’s experience of the things she realized were signs that she had a mediocre sex life:

Having a connection with your partner is about tuning in to one another.  And sometimes the only thing you need to improve your sex life is to learn the how to’s of improving the physical stimulation you give and receive.

However, you are more likely to enjoy the improvement in physical stimulation if you have a better relationship with yourself and your partner.

Here’s how:

  • Develop deeper connection through gratitude, appreciation, affection and co-creating a new way of being.
  • Tune into yourself and your partner with open hearts and minds for deeper understanding of one another.
  • Peel back the layers of your beliefs, feelings and spirit and discover your authentic sexuality.
  • Uncover and expand your erotic potential by learning about and trying new experiences.

Your sexuality is a combination of your body, mind, heart and spirit, and your sex life is affected by each of these elements.

Remember those times when you’ve had mind blowing sex and everything else in your life seemed to have an easy, energetic flow to it? There’s a reason for that. When sex is that mind blowing, you’re engaging much more than just your genitals. You may even be completely unaware of it, but during those times you are tuning into and with every element of your being.

And then life happens, distractions set in, and in a slow sneaky way disconnection begins to creep in. Sex isn’t as powerful and fun and life doesn’t seem to have that great flow to it any longer. And you’re left wondering what happened.

But through awareness you can develop the things above and get back to connection. After all connected sex is hot sex!

Live a Happy, Sexy Life!

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