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I believe in the power of the human spirit and I believe in you!

My conviction that everyone can become a better partner and lover comes from my own experience and witnessing the transformation of my clients. I’m proud of my work that helps people to feel confident and free again – or for the first time! I love everything about my love life, but it took a a long time to get to this point.

I didn’t experience a lot of love growing up. Instead the priorities were proper behavior, keeping up appearances and following the doctrine of religion. I became starved for love, desperate for acceptance and I didn’t feel safe to be my true self. I vacillated between depression and anger for the better part of four decades.

On the outside I looked like I had it all together but, on the inside, I was a hot mess which resulted in poor choices and failed relationships. I was naively ignorant of the fact that I didn’t know how to love myself or anyone else well. And in my early years I used sex in a vain attempt to find love and acceptance.

As someone who has been to the edge of despair, and at one point felt that life wasn’t worth living, to being completely in love with myself and my love life, I’m undeniable proof that no matter what your challenges, you can change your life.

It’s not all rainbows and orgasms, of course.

Relationships are messy and complex. That’s why, with my second marriage on precipice of divorce, I threw myself into personal growth with determination, sweat and a lot of tears – literally. I traveled a long arduous road to change my life and I also knew in my gut that my therapy only scratched the surface.

I became a student of many healing modalities that offered faster and deeper results than talk therapy alone. Using my head and following my intuition, I took the best of all worlds and created a unique and successful process that gets to the core of the problems, so they can be healed at their root.

It’s how I discovered and embraced my authenticity, finding genuine strength, joy and self-love – the true love I now easily give and receive. It’s what my clients use to go from stuck to unstoppable. It’s what saved my marriage, and quite literally my life.

I geek out on science, sexuality and spirituality.

It’s a crazy, cool combination and for as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable curiosity about all three. I have a voracious appetite to understand what makes people tick? What their hurts are, what makes them truly happy and exactly what they need to be successful in love and thrive in life?

From a strict religious upbringing, I was reprimanded for outside-of-the-box thinking. But I firmly believe in challenging the status quo, especially about love, intimacy and sex. Myths and misinformation only perpetuate existing problems and the traditional rules of romance don’t apply in today’s world.

These times call for a holistic approach to relationships. Body. Mind. Heart. Spirit. You need to address it all for complete fulfilment within yourself first.

“ What’s so refreshing about Dr. Gayle is her sharp intellect perfectly compliments her down to earth common sense. One can sense she has the wisdom of a woman who has the life experience of living large.”

– Robyn

Intimate connection is our life force.

I keep it intimately real and transparent (it’s the only way) as I share the very best of what I continue to live, love and learn. I still make mistakes and have times of fear and doubts, but they don’t last long because I’ve found trust in who I am. What I bring to you is vast knowledge, gifts and wisdom to help you have the confidence to freely be yourself again in love and sex.

When you intimately connect to yourself you are then able to genuinely and intimately connect with another.

This reality is where the mystery of pure love and joy are revealed and can exist daily in your love life. People who work with me discover the truth that, a happy love life starts by getting your true self back.

You have the power to change your life!

The process I’ve created is not about changing who you are. It’s about finding your own inner empowerment to ditch outdated beliefs, reach your highest level of being, and sink into your deep inner truth.

I believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about relationships, sex and more importantly the approach to real and significant change. If I can do it, you can too! 

“This is raw and powerful work that is blame free and inspiring. Thank you Dr. Gayle. It feels like magic!”

That’s me. But this is about you!

You were drawn here for a reason and I have a gift of love I want you to have – from my heart to yours!

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Thank you for sharing your time here with me. I’m excited for you and the journey you’re on!


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