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Sex help might be as close as your playlist. It holds a secret that can boost your sex life.

Think about times when you’ve felt kinda bummed. Sex is the last thing you think about when your energy, creativity and motivation are low and your body feels dense. A lot of people ask me for sex help for low sexual desire and when I guide them to deeper connection in their relationship things start to shift. One of the things we talk about is increasing pleasure in all areas of life including listening to music.

Music, dancing and sex are all rhythmic and the link between them is undeniable.

Our bodies were designed to move. Moving the stagnant energy in your body stirs your spirit, clears your mind and. Add music and you’ve created a beautiful cocktail of embodied positivity that leads to more sex.

Sonos is an electronics company that conducted a study to find out the effects listening to music, “… people who cranked some tunes at home aloud with their partners the most, had 67 percent more sex than those people who listened the least. Compared with silent homes, participants reported being in a better mood, expressing more love, feeling more inspired, and even laughing more after they began playing music.”

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I love this quote by George Bernard Shaw: “Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.”

According to the study above, you don’t even have to dance for the effects of music to raise your spirits. The thing is, it can really up the ante! Now you’re moving and touching your partner. And increasing non-sexual touch seductively creates deeper intimate connection.

Music, dancing and great sex turn you on and take you away from the challenges of day to day life. Listening and dancing to more music you love is a simple sex help tip and a great way to feel happier.

So put on a little Marvin Gaye, dance close with your lover and do a little sexual healing.

Live a happy, sexy life!

Dr. Gayle Friend

p.s. Leave a comment below. What are your favorite songs that lift your spirits and help you get your groove on?