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Are you ready, and I mean really ready to make positive changes toward intimacy and erotic sexuality?


Then there are a few things you need to be willing to do to not only make the changes but make them stick for the long haul. A lot of people say they’re ready but then they don’t follow through. That’s called wishing and dreaming.

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Whether it’s private sessions, group coaching or online programs, this is the process I developed that gets my clients the best results. If you want to do this work on your own this is the mindset and steps you need to have in place.

I use the acronym C.L.O.S.E. so it’s easy to remember because after all, it’s all about getting comfortable with intimacy and feeling close in and out of the bedroom.

C – Curiosity. Developing curiosity is vital to learning. Through curiosity you gain greater understanding of yourself, your partner and your relationship. Get curious and clearly see your patterns so you can accentuate the positive and shift the negative.

L – Lean in & Let go. Lean in to your thoughts and feelings, and learn to let go of limiting beliefs so you can move forward into a state of loving freedom. Another part of leaning in and letting go is forgiving yourself and your partner for the past.

O – Open. It’s only with an open heart and open mind that you can alter your perspective and begin to create new and positive patterns. Showing up with an open heart and mind, intimately and sexually, will lead to deeper connection.

S – Step in & Step up. Step fully into your new pattern and step up your intimacy game by continuing to practice new habits of connection. New can feel awkward and unnatural but when you step in and step up consistently things start to flow.

E – Engage & Evolve. This last step is important to make sure you stay on track. Engage with genuine gratitude to ensure you continue to evolve your comfort level with intimacy without sliding into old depleting behaviors.

Work with me or use this process to take a journey and discover your authentic way to connect in intimacy without shame. And feel C.L.O.S.E. to yourself and your partner (or future partner).


Dr. Gayle Friend