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Everything is energy. Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, body, sexuality are all energy and all part of you. Energy is in constant motion.

It can’t be destroyed. It can only be transformed. When it comes to sexuality you have 3 options as to how that energy exists.

Contain it and experience a buildup of pressure. Force it and come up against resistance. Let it flow naturally and feel lifted by it.

The 3 options you have are:

  • Ignore it, allowing limiting beliefs to hold you back and keep you living small.
  • Fake it, trying to be something you aren’t which is exhausting and depleting.
  • Embrace it, living as your authentic sexual self, empowered and fulfilled.

Energy is everything and everything is affected by energy.

Ignore: Ignore or avoid your sexuality – you’re holding yourself back and disconnecting from an integral part of who you are. Others pick up on that disconnected energy. They can feel it. They might think you aren’t being fully present or authentic. They might get the sense that there’s a wall of protection they can’t penetrate to get close to you. Who wants that?

Fake: Try to be someone you’re not – you don’t fit the mold and it feels uncomfortable. Take a break from what you think is desired sexually. It takes far more effort to fake it and be something you aren’t rather than being true to yourself. Others aren’t drawn to fakes.

Embrace: Open up and explore what’s true for you as a sexual being. Live a happier life. Your energy will expand and radiate. Others subconsciously detect that you are connected to something alive and vibrant – because you are! Being true to your true essence is sexy!

Deepak Chopra says it best, “Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All that is alive is born of sexual energy”.

We are drawn toward positive energy. We shy away from or are turned off by guarded, cautious, negative or inauthentic energy.

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Weigh the choices around your sexuality and commit to at least giving the 3rd option a shot. Start by writing down absolutely everything you believe to be true about sex and your own sexuality. Then ask yourself if you’re willing to examine those thoughts and perhaps shift your beliefs and start rockin’ your own world.

My body of work is all about helping people embrace all facets of who they are authentically – body, mind, heart & spirit – so they have the best sex and relationships of their lives.


Dr. Gayle Friend

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