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It’s all about YOU!

My priority is your happy love life.

I believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about relationships, sex and more importantly the approach to real and significant change. It starts here and it starts now!

A happy love life starts by getting your true self back.

Hi, I’m Dr. Gayle

Intimacy expert, speaker, author and teacher dedicated to helping you create a love life you love.

If you value personal growth, believe in a higher power and you want a great love life, then I promise my unique process will help you have the confidence to freely be yourself in love, intimacy and sex.

I also have an exceptional ability to see a clear path through the multifaceted complexities of relationships without ongoing therapy. Life is for living, not rehashing!


Together Let's

Make Love Great!


Find your happiest you

It’s difficult to be fulfilled in life and love when you feel stuck and miss who you used to be. Putting on a brave face but feeling like you’re barely hanging on inside is exhausting and draining. You are worthy of great love, peace and a spirit that soars. I’m here to help! Start here.


Enjoy deep connection

Relationships can be messy and challenging, and expose you to the possibility of rejection and loneliness. Missing the person lying next to you is gut wrenching. But you have the power to create new relationship patterns that enhance who you are. Together let’s do this! Start here.


Have great sex again (or for the first time)

Most were never taught about the intricate and exquisite layers of what makes sex great and what leads to guilt, shame, doubts, judgements and a lack of eagerness. Your authentic sexuality is waiting to be explored and embraced. It’s time to connect with your erotic self! Start here.

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