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Love and Sex Should Feel Great!

You are a successful savvy woman, making things happen. But…

Your love life feels like a contradiction in terms. You’re tired—time wasted, stuck in an abysmal cycle of relationship disappointments.

That’s about to change!

It’s Time for Gratifying Results!

You’re worthy of having it all! Let’s make it happen.

Soulful Love

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Sensuous Sex

An empowered experience of pleasure, passion and erotic fun!


To get to where you want to be...

You need to be clear about where you are.

Hi, I’m Dr. Gayle

Intimacy expert providing strategic solutions to discerning women for gratifying results in love and sex; free from relationship weariness and frustration.

There is little I love more than seeing my clients transform from feeling unsatisfied and powerless to fully being their true vibrant selves filled with peace, joy and love.

Excited and proud is how I feel when the women I work with replace thinking there’s something wrong with them to deeply and confidently knowing their worth and value.

The process I guide exclusive clients through echos my personal experience. I became a doctor of human sexuality by accident. I was searching for answers and how to ‘fix’ what I thought was broken.

Who better to guide you than someone who’s been in the trenches, hit rock bottom and turned herself, and her love life around? My Make Love Great process works and I’m here for you!

Love and Sex by Design – Not Default!

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