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for Powerful Women

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Ready to Trust Love Again with Confidence?


I work exclusively with women like you who want a loving relationship that includes great sex—but so far it hasn’t worked out—at least not recently.

You’re tired of being hurt and want to avoid another emotional minefield. The last thing you want is to repeat the past.

Relax, I’ve got you!

Helping you get out of your head, stop attracting the wrong people and get ready to have an orgasmic combination of love, intimacy and sex, is what I do!

I’m here to guide you every step of the way so you feel cared for, relaxed and ultimately happier than ever.

Stop wanting and start creating!

Experience my signature process—a blend of science and down-to-earth woo—to remove blocks, open to deeper intimacy and feel stronger and sexier than you already are.

In less time than you imagine!


Epic results. Calm you.

If you’re ready to go from feeling hopeless to hopeful and you want someone who’s been there and knows how to turn uncertain into peace of mind—then you were guided to me for a reason.


Passion and pleasure are ready when you are. Let’s get you ready!


Get the Intimate Woman’s Guide

Be who you truly are—body, mind, heart and spirit—sexually and non-sexually, and create an extraordinary love life!

You were not made to be loved in parts; you were meant to be loved as a whole” ~ Nikita Gill

What happy clients have to say…


Judy Lehman

“My love life is amazing! I am in awe daily at the level of vulnerability and trust Gayle helped me develop. I’m at peace. I don’t try to be someone I’m not anymore. I am living my best life! Gayle is a rare and gifted gem.”

Linnette Weibe

“Gayle helped me feel safe when I was making myself batshit crazy about putting myself out there. My VIP sessions with her were priceless! Instead of fear of the future, I’m excited about what comes next in my new relationship.”

Dilek Cansin

“You will LOVE working with Gayle! The rich experience helped me heal old wounds, inspired pleasure and ignited my passion for life. As a result, I’m happier than ever. I feel sexy and fulfilled–sexually and otherwise.”

Meet Dr. Gayle

Dr. Gayle Friend’s expertise is helping clients gain the confidence to trust love again and freely be their true selves—in and out of the bedroom. Gayle is an author, speaker and doctor of human sexuality who has studied psychology for over thirty years and is trained in multiple healing modalities. Her steadfast belief that no matter what, love is within reach, is the current of hope running through her work with exclusive clients, workshops, keynotes and writing.

Gayle knows what it takes to create an extraordinary relationship. She also knows most go about it the wrong way relying on conventional approaches that don’t work long term.

Having been through the relationship ringer more than once and on the brink of a second divorce, Gayle developed her premium Trust Love Again process that turned her and her love life completely around. With decades of experience plus her strong intuition she is highly successful in helping her clients replicate this in their own lives.

Her mission is to provide strong women with the healing, support and skills they need to find peace and create healthy, loving, passionate relationships with a partner on their level.

Gayle can often be found painting, collecting heart-shaped rocks at the beach, or cooking up a storm with her husband.

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