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Hi, I’m Dr. Gayle

Doctor of Human Sexuality. Intimacy Expert. Author. Keynote Speaker. Breakthrough Specialist. Science, Sex and Spiritual Geek. And I’m a bit of a Love Junkie.

I’m known internationally for huge success in helping people: increase passion & pleasure, communicate openly with ease, and enjoy close emotional intimacy. If you’re ready to feel happier and free, you’re in the perfect place at the perfect time!

It’s time for a different approach!

This is unlike traditional therapy. Combining my passions, extensive training and many modalities I empower people to make leaps and bounds in their lives. Free from fears, worries and stress so they can make love great, have the best sex of their lives, stress free communication, and reciprocal emotional intimacy.

Together Let's

Make Love Great!

Increase Passion & Pleasure

Most were never taught about the intricate and exquisite layers of what makes sex great. This leads to misinformation, limiting beliefs, and lack of sexual desire & pleasure. I help make this complicated topic easier. We’ll uncover blocks to passion and pleasure so you can learn to embrace your sexuality, be empowered and have fun expressing your erotic sensuality. Feel desired and free in your authentic sexuality, and reach new heights of pleasure.

Communicate Openly With Ease

It’s difficult to be fulfilled in the bedroom when there’s conflict or distance in the living room. Walking on eggshells is hard and if your voice wasn’t valued in childhood you may never have learned what safe, respectful communication feels like. I help make communication painless for all involved. Live a life where you feel relaxed and courageously express yourself, or enjoy comfortable silence free from tension. Feel validated, and know you’re heard and understood.

Enjoy Close Emotional Intimacy

Relationships expose you to the possibility of rejection and that’s about as scary as it gets. Fear of rejection by the person you love is the most common piece of baggage we carry with us. I help ditch the baggage. Secure emotional connection is the foundation of every great relationship. We’ll unearth and shift limiting beliefs that keep you stuck so you can fearlessly open your heart. Feel supported, appreciated and accepted with undeniable aliveness.

Who Do I Work With?

People just like you! I work with individuals, couples and corporations who value relationships. When people are joyful, fulfilled and at ease, abundance flows in all areas of life.


Feel empowered and
confidently flourish in every
area of life, love & work.


Grow closer and feel enveloped
by the joy and power of
profound love and passion.


Increase workplace happiness
and productivity with a team
relieved of outside stress.

Corporate Wellness

Napolean Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, devotes an entire chapter of his iconic book to sex and relationships. ‘The Mystery of Sex: Transmutation’ is the second longest chapter yet it’s the most ignored by corporations and entrepreneurs alike.

Relationship stress directly impacts work interactions, clarity and concentration. People with healthy satisfying relationships and sex lives are overall: Happier at work, more productive, creative and efficient, and reach goals faster. I’ve delivered seminars to help companies achieve greater success by getting their employees to think about how they can improve their love lives.

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