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Hi, I’m Dr. Gayle

Intimacy expert, speaker, author and teacher dedicated to helping you create a love life you love.

I believe a proven holistic approach is critical to create lasting results. I combine my passions of science, sexuality and spirituality, along with many healing modalities, to help you experience the happiness and fulfillment you are worthy of.

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Find your happiest you


It’s difficult to be fulfilled in life, love or work when you’re missing your true confident self. You don’t have to live like that anymore. You need to feel empowered. Let’s get you feeling alive and free within yourself, and in relationship, so your spirit soars in your best life ever.

Enjoy deep connection


Relationships expose you to the possibility of rejection and that’s about as scary as it gets. But the past doesn’t have to repeat itself. You need to create new patterns. Let’s unpack and ditch the baggage so you can fearlessly open your heart to more love than you dreamed possible.

Have great sex again


Most were never taught about the intricate and exquisite layers of what makes sex great. This leads to limiting beliefs and a lack of playful fun. You need to embrace your authentic sexuality. Here’s the key to unlock your erotic code so you can explore and embrace your authentic sexuality.

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