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The next chapter is sure to light you up!

Feel heard and understood as I use my gifts of empathy, creativity and intuition to guide and support you.

All you need is willingness to move outside of your comfort zone, readiness to explore new ideas with an open heart and mind, and commitment to apply what you learn.

Join me and dive in heart first. Your success and lasting results happen when you take a different approach.

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Private Sessions

Receive undivided attention to your unique needs as you dive below the surface and creatively transform your love life – long term. You’re ready to go the distance without excuses and you want a coach to support you when you need help. Start Here!

Group Coaching

Get one-on-one focused attention to your most challenging problems along with support from a community of others going through similar troubles. The best of me plus the benefit of new friends and more accountability. Start Here!

Online Programs

Work at your own pace and learn a wide range of ideas, skills and tools to help you craft the love life of your dreams. Each program includes handouts, audio teaching and exercises (private sessions can be added for extra support) Start Here!

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In and out of the bedroom!

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Take a holistic journey to discover your authenticity without shame. Feel C.L.O.S.E. to yourself and another.

C – Curiosity Developing curiosity is vital to learning. As you get curious, you’ll clearly see patterns that don’t work and discover how to shift them.

L – Lean in & Let go Lean in to your thoughts and feelings, and learn to let go of limiting beliefs so you can move forward into a state of loving freedom.

O – Open With an open heart and open mind gain confidence and learn concrete ways to alter your perspective and create safety and support.

S – Step in & Step up Step into your new pattern with assurance and step up your intimacy game with new habits of connection to enjoy life more fully.

E – Engage & Evolve Engage with genuine gratitude to ensure you continue to evolve and stay on track without sliding into old depleting behaviors.

Create peaceful meaningful connection.

It’s difficult to be fulfilled in the bedroom when there’s conflict or distance in the living room. Secure connection and respectful communication is the foundation of every great relationship.

Learn how to love each other better.

This program is for those who are feeling disconnected either emotionally or sexually or both. Intimacy is the gateway to great sex and love that lasts. Begin to feel like two parts of one whole. Partners & teammates!

Feel self-confident and sexually satiated.

Get the sex help you need to reignite the spark, have a lot of fun, and reconnect with a whole lot of sizzle. The homework is gentle, a little on the naughty side and a LOT of fun. Trust me.

A step up from Increase Desire & Pleasure

You’ll explore adventure, fantasy, and fun in the bedroom to expand your sexual experiences and find authenticity between the sheets. Take your love making to a whole new level.

If you’re still unsure about where to start, visit my FAQ page for additional information.

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