Children see themselves as larger than life. In their world they are able to do and be anything they want. They can slay dragons, take over distant galaxies or be the princess who saves the world with magic powers. And they firmly believe these things.

Through years of socialization and built in family systems we lose faith in ourselves and our abilities. We are told, overtly or subtly, time and time again that we “can’t”. It’s not that anyone set out with determination to beat us down, but the messages were internalized nonetheless. As adults, we carry those ingrained messages with us, including into the bedroom.

So how do you see yourself sexually? Do you see yourself the way you are naturally meant to be? Do you see yourself the way you want to be? Or do you see yourself through the murky lens of shouldn’ts and can’ts?

An even more important question is: How do you want to see yourself sexually?

You can be anything you are meant to be, sexually or otherwise, by first allowing yourself to see it as a possibility. In other words: by using fantasy with a determined purpose.

Let your mind wander and imagine yourself sexual in all sorts of scenarios. If how you’re imagining yourself sexually feels good and right and exciting, go with it (provided it’s with consent and it’s not harmful to anyone). If what you’re imagining feels outrageous and daring, it might be because you’ve just never been given permission to contemplate possibilities. If you’re curious about a sexual activity, go ahead. Try it. You might like it. You might even feel rejuvenated about other areas of your life as well.

Believing in your feelings and working on letting go of your limiting beliefs and thoughts will lead you to be your true sexual self. And that will feel amazing compared to being less than what you are meant to be. You are meant for greatness in and outside of the bedroom. You are meant to live full and happy and whole.

Challenge yourself to be your childlike self again and be open to a world of possibilities. Entertain all the conceivable greatness of your sexual self and see what feels good and true. This could change the answer of, how do you see yourself sexually?

An unlimited source of happiness is achievable if you recognize and follow what’s authentic for you.

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Live a Happy, Sexy Life!


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